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Increased DNA repair capacity augments resistance of glioblastoma cells to photodynamic therapy

Shahmoradi Ghahe, Somayeh and Kosicki, Konrad and Wojewódzka, Maria and Majchrzak, Bartosz and Fogtman, Anna and Iwanicka-Nowicka, Roksana and Ciuba, Agata and Koblowska, Marta and Kruszewski, Marcin and Tudek, Barbara and Speina, Elzbieta (2021) Increased DNA repair capacity augments resistance of glioblastoma cells to photodynamic therapy. DNA repair, 104 (103136).

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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a clinically approved cancer therapy of low invasiveness. The therapeutic procedure involves administering a photosensitizing drug (PS), which is then activated with monochromatic light of a specific wavelength. The photochemical reaction produces highly toxic oxygen species. The development of resistance to PDT in some cancer cells is its main limitation. Several mechanisms are known to be involved in the development of cellular defense against cytotoxic effects of PDT, including activation of antioxidant enzymes, drug efflux pumps, degradation of PS, and overexpression of protein chaperons. Another putative factor that plays an important role in the development of resistance of cancer cells to PDT seems to be DNA repair; however, it has not been well studied so far. To explore the role of DNA repair and other potential novel mechanisms associated with the resistance to PDT in the glioblastoma cells, cells stably resistant to PDT were isolated from PDT sensitive cells following repetitive PDT cycles. Duly characterization of isolated PDT-resistant glioblastoma revealed that the resistance to PDT might be a consequence of several mechanisms, including higher repair efficiency of oxidative DNA damage and repair of DNA breaks. Higher activity of APE1 endonuclease and increased expression and activation of DNA damage kinase ATM was demonstrated in the U-87 MGR cell line, suggesting and proving that they are good targets for sensitization of resistant cells to PDT.

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