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Molekularne mechanizmy oporności bakterii kwasu mlekowego na bakteriofagi.

Górecki, Roman Krzysztof and Bardowski, Jacek K. (2011) Molekularne mechanizmy oporności bakterii kwasu mlekowego na bakteriofagi. Postępy Mikrobiologii , 50 (4). pp. 265-274.

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Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) constitute a heterogeneous group of bacteria, which are found in diverse environments, such as the human body or plants, and are traditionally used to produce fermented food. Food bio-transformation in industrial processes increases the economical importance of LAB. However, conditions that exist in industrial facilities do not seem to be an optimal environment for bacteria. During technological processes, which take place in enclosed space, the intensity of physical (temperature shift), chemical (acids) or biological (phages) stress factors raises dramatically. In the dairy industry, bacteriophage contamination is regarded as a serious problem due to the disturbance or arrest of the production processes, which results in significant economical losses. It is well documented that LAB evolved defense systems against bacteriophages, which allow them to survive in harsh conditions. Therefore, bacteria used in food industry are selected for high level of bacteriophage resistance. According to the mode of action, natural bacterial defense systems against their predators were divided into 5 categories: (i) inhibition of phage adsorption, (ii) blocking of phage DNA injection, (iii) phage abortive infection systems, (iv) restriction modification systems, (v) CRISPR/Cas systems. Remarkably, the majority of known bacteriophage resistance systems are plasmid-encoded. In this context, future studies on phage resistance mechanisms as well as plasmid sequencing may have an impact on solving the problem of phage infections in the dairy industry.

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