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The Multifaceted Regulation of SnRK2 Kinases

Maszkowska, Justyna and Szymańska, Katarzyna and Kasztelan, Adrian and Krzywińska, Ewa and Sztatelman, Olga and Dobrowolska, Grażyna (2021) The Multifaceted Regulation of SnRK2 Kinases. Cells, 10 (2180). p. 1. ISSN 2073-4409


Official URL: https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4409/10/9/2180


SNF1-related kinases 2 (SnRK2s) are central regulators of plant responses to environmental cues simultaneously playing a pivotal role in the plant development and growth in favorable conditions. They are activated in response to osmotic stress and some of them also to abscisic acid (ABA), the latter being key in ABA signaling. The SnRK2s can be viewed as molecular switches between growth and stress response; therefore, their activity is tightly regulated; needed only for a short time to trigger the response, it has to be induced transiently and otherwise kept at a very low level. This implies a strict and multifaceted control of SnRK2s in plant cells. Despite emerging new information concerning the regulation of SnRK2s, especially those involved in ABA signaling, a lot remains to be uncovered, the regulation of SnRK2s in an ABA-independent manner being particularly understudied. Here, we present an overview of available data, discuss some controversial issues, and provide our perspective on SnRK2 regulation.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:SnRK2; protein phosphorylation; protein de-phosphorylation; osmotic stress; salinity; plant; cell signaling; signal transduction; ABA signaling
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