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A novel role for Mms2 in the control of spontaneous mutagenesis and Pol3 abundance

Krawczyk, Michal and Halas, Agnieszka and Sledziewska-Gojska, Ewa (2023) A novel role for Mms2 in the control of spontaneous mutagenesis and Pol3 abundance. DNA Repair (Amst), 125 . p. 103484.


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Mms2 is a ubiquitin E2-variant protein with a very well-documented function in the tolerance pathway that protects both human and yeast cells from the lethal and mutagenic effects of DNA damage. Interestingly, a high expression level of human MMS2 is associated with poor survival prognosis in different cancer diseases. Here we have analyzed the physiological effects of Mms2 overproduction in yeast cells. We show that an increased level of this protein causes a spontaneous mutator effect independent of Ubc13, a cognate partner of Mms2 in the PCNA- polyubiquitinating complex responsible for the template switch. Instead, this new promutagenic role of Mms2 requires Ubc4 (E2) and two ubiquitin ligases of HECT and RING families, Rsp5 and Not4, respectively. We have established that the promutagenic activity of Mms2 is dependent on the activities of error-prone DNA polymerase ζ and Rev1. Additionally, it requires the ubiquitination of K164 in PCNA which facilitates recruitment of these translesion polymerases to the replication complex. Importantly, we have established also that the cellular abundance of Mms2 influences the cellular level of Pol3, the catalytic subunit of replicative DNA polymerase δ. Lack of Mms2 increases the Pol3 abundance, whereas in response to Mms2 overproduction the Pol3 level de- creases. We hypothesize that increased levels of spontaneous mutagenesis may result from the Mms2-induced reduction in Pol3 accumulation leading to increased participation of error-prone polymerase ζ in the replica- tion complex

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