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Fucose as a nutrient ligand for Dikarya and a building block of early diverging lineages

Orłowska, Małgorzata and Drishtee, Barua and Piłsyk, Sebastian and Muszewska, Anna (2023) Fucose as a nutrient ligand for Dikarya and a building block of early diverging lineages. IMA fungus, 14 (17). ISSN 2210-6359 ISSN National Centre for The Netherlands


Official URL: https://rdcu.be/dlqwW


Fucose is a deoxyhexose sugar present and studied in mammals. The process of fucosylation has been the primary focus in studies relating to fucose in animals due to the presence of fucose in Lewis antigens. Very few studies have reported its presence in Fungi, mostly in Mucoromycotina. The constitution of 25% and 12% of this sugar in the carbohydrates of cell wall in the respective Umbelopsis and Mucorales strains boosts the need to bridge the gap of knowledge on fucose metabolism across the fungal tree of life. In the absence of a network map involving fucose proteins, we carried out an in-silico approach to construct the fucose metabolic map in Fungi. We analyzed the taxonomic distribution of 85 protein families in Fungi including diverse early diverging fungal lineages. The expression of fucose-related protein-coding genes proteins was validated with the help of transcriptomic data originating from representatives of early diverging fungi. We found proteins involved in several metabolic activities apart from fucosylation such as synthesis, transport and binding. Most of the identified protein families are shared with Metazoa suggesting an ancestral origin in Opisthokonta. However, the overall complexity of fucose metabolism is greater in Metazoa than in Fungi. Massive gene loss has shaped the evolutionary history of these metabolic pathways, leading to a repeated reduction of these pathways in most yeast-forming lineages. Our results point to a distinctive mode of utilization of fucose among fungi belonging to Dikarya and the early diverging lineages. We speculate that, while Dikarya used fucose as a source of nutrients for metabolism, the early diverging group of fungi depended on fucose as a building block and signaling compound.

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