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Genetic instability in budding and fission yeast—sources and mechanisms

Skoneczna, Adrianna and Kaniak-Golik, Aneta and Skoneczny, Marek (2015) Genetic instability in budding and fission yeast—sources and mechanisms. FEMS Microbiology Reviews .

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Cells are constantly confronted with endogenous and exogenous factors that affect their genomes. Eons of evolution have allowed the cellular mechanisms responsible for preserving the genome to adjust for achieving contradictory objectives: to maintain the genome unchanged and to acquire mutations that allow adaptation to environmental changes. One evolutionary mechanism that has been refined for survival is genetic variation. In this review, we describe the mechanisms responsible for two biological processes: genome maintenance and mutation tolerance involved in generations of genetic variations in mitotic cells of both Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe. These processes encompass mechanisms that ensure the fidelity of replication, DNA lesion sensing and DNA damage response pathways, as well as mechanisms that ensure precision in chromosome segregation during cell division. We discuss various factors that may influence genome stability, such as cellular ploidy, the phase of the cell cycle, transcriptional activity of a particular region of DNA, the proficiency of DNA quality control systems, the metabolic stage of the cell and its respiratory potential, and finally potential exposure to endogenous or environmental stress.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:fidelity of replication, dNTP pool, homologous recombination, transcription-associated genome instability, aneuploidy, mitochondrial genome maintenance
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