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Fidler, Justyna and Grabowska, Agnieszka and Prabucka, Beata and Więsyk, Aneta and Góra-Sochacka, Anna and Bielawski, Wiesław and Pojmaj, Mirosław and Zdunek-Zastocka, Edyta (2018) The varied ability of grains to synthesize and catabolize ABA is one of the factors affecting dormancy and its release by after-ripening in imbibed triticale grains of cultivars with different pre-harvest sprouting susceptibilities. Journal of Plant Physiology, 226 . pp. 48-55. ISSN 01761617


Godwin, James and Govindasamy, Mohan and Nedounsejian, Kiruba and March, Eduardo and Halton, Ronan and Bourbousse, Clara and Wolff, Léa and Fort, Antoine and Krzyszton, Michal and López Corrales, Jesús and Świeżewski, Szymon and Barneche, Fredy and Schubert, Daniel and Farrona, Sara (2024) The UBP5 histone H2A deubiquitinase counteracts PRCs-mediated repression to regulate Arabidopsis development. Nature Communications, 15 (1). ISSN 2041-1723


Krzyszton, Michal and Sacharowski, S.P. and Manjunath, Veena Halale and Muter, Katarzyna and Bokota, Grzegorz and Wang, Ce and Plewczyński, Dariusz and Dobisova, Tereza and Świeżewski, Szymon (2024) Dormancy heterogeneity among Arabidopsis thaliana seeds is linked to individual seed size. Plant Communications, 5 (2). p. 100732. ISSN 25903462


Lechowska, Katarzyna and Wojtyla, Łukasz and Quinet, Muriel and Kubala, Szymon and Lutts, Stanley and Garnczarska, Małgorzata (2021) Endogenous Polyamines and Ethylene Biosynthesis in Relation to Germination of Osmoprimed Brassica napus Seeds under Salt Stress. International Journal of Molecular Sciences . ISSN 1422-0067

Litwinek, Dorota and Boreczek, Jakub and Gambuś, Halina and Buksa, Krzysztof and Berski, Wiktor and Kowalczyk, Magdalena Dataset (sourdough and bread analysis) "Developing lactic acid bacteria starter cultures for wholemeal rye flour bread with improved functionality, nutritional value, taste, appearance and safety". [Dataset] (Unpublished)

Litwinek, Dorota and Boreczek, Jakub and Gambuś, Halina and Buksa, Krzysztof and Berski, Wiktor and Kowalczyk, Magdalena (2022) Developing lactic acid bacteria starter cultures for wholemeal rye flour bread with improved functionality, nutritional value, taste, appearance and safety. PLOS ONE . ISSN 1932-6203

Litwinek, Dorota and Buksa, Krzysztof and Kowalczyk, Magdalena and Boreczek, Jakub and Gambuś, Halina (2017) Ocena jakości handlowych mąk całoziarnowych - pszennej orkiszowej, pszennej zwyczajnej i żytniej oraz uzyskanych z nich zakwasów spontanicznych Quality Assessment of Commercial Wholegrain Flours Produced from Spelt Wheat, Common Wheat and Rye, and of Spontaneous Sourdough Prepared with Them. Żywność: nauka - technologia - jakość, 24 (4(113)). pp. 76-89. ISSN 2451-0769

Litwinek, Dorota and Gambuś, Halina and Buksa, Krzysztof and Makarewicz, Małgorzata and Zięć, Gabriela and Gambuś, Florian and Kowalczyk, Magdalena and Boreczek, Jakub (2018) Jakość i proces starzenia się chlebów z razowych mąk pszennych: z pszenicy zwyczajnej i orkisz oraz z żyta. Quality and Aging of Bread from Wholemeal Common Wheat and Spelt Flours, and from Wholemeal Rye Flour. Żywność: nauka - technologia - jakość, 25 ((114)). pp. 50-72. ISSN 2451-0769


Nowak, Katarzyna and Trzewik, Aleksandra and Tułacz, Dorota and Orlikowska, Teresa and Orlikowski, Leszek (2015) Characterization of Polish Phytophthora lacustris Isolates Obtained from Water Environments. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 24 (2). pp. 619-630. ISSN 1230-1485


Petkauskaite, Raimonda and Lukosius, Dangiras and Dębski, Janusz and Jasilionis, Andrius and Dadlez, Michal and Kieraite, Ieva and Timonina, Ana and Kuisiene, Nomeda (2014) Identification of proteins involved in starch and polygalacturonic acid degradation using LC/MS. Central European Journal of Biology, 9 (7). pp. 708-716. ISSN 1895-104X


Redkiewicz, Patrycja and Więsyk, Aneta and Góra-Sochacka, Anna and Sirko, Agnieszka (2012) Transgenic tobacco plants as production platform for biologically active human interleukin 2 and its fusion with proteinase inhibitors. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 10 (7). pp. 806-814. ISSN 1467-7652


Schoville, Sean D. and Chen, Yolanda H. and Andersson, Martin N. and Benoit, Joshua B. and Bhandari, Anita and Bowsher, Julia H. and Brevik, Kristian and Cappelle, Kaat and Chen, Mei-Ju M. and Childers, Anna K. and Childers, Christopher and Christiaens, Olivier and Clements, Justin and Didion, Elise M. and Elpidina, Elena N. and Engsontia, Patamarerk and Friedrich, Markus and García-Robles, Inmaculada and Gibbs, Richard A. and Goswami, Chandan and Grapputo, Alessandro and Gruden, Kristina and Grynberg, Marcin and Henrissat, B. and Jennings, Emily C. and Jones, Jeffery W. and Kalsi, Megha and Khan, Sher A. and Kumar, Abhishek and Li, Fei and Lombard, Vincent and Ma, Xingzhou and Martynov, Alexander and Miller, Nicholas J. and Mitchell, Robert F. and Munoz-Torres, Monica and Muszewska, Anna and Oppert, Brenda and Palli, Subba Reddy and Panfilio, Kristen A. and Pauchet, Yannick and Perkin, Lindsey C. and Petek, Marko and Poelchau, Monica F. and Record, Éric and Rinehart, Joseph P. and Robertson, Hugh M. and Rosendale, Andrew J. and Ruiz-Arroyo, Victor M. and Smagghe, Guy and Szendrei, Zsofia and Thomas, Gregg W.C. and Torson, Alex S. and Vargas Jentzsch, Iris M. and Weirauch, Matthew T. and Yates, Ashley D. and Yocum, George D. and Yoon, June-Sun and Richards, Stephen (2018) A model species for agricultural pest genomics: the genome of the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Scientific Reports, 8 (1). ISSN 2045-2322

Szalonek, Michal and Sierpien, Barbara and Rymaszewski, Wojciech and Gieczewska, Katarzyna and Garstka, Maciej and Lichocka, Małgorzata and Sass, Laszlo and Paul, Kenny and Vass, Imre and Vankova, Radomira and Dobrev, Peter and Szczesny, Pawel and Marczewski, Waldemar and Krusiewicz, Dominika and Strzelczyk-Zyta, Danuta and Hennig, Jacek and Konopka-Postupolska, Dorota (2015) Potato Annexin STANN1 Promotes Drought Tolerance and Mitigates Light Stress in Transgenic Solanum tuberosum L. Plants. PloS one, 10 (7). e0132683. ISSN 1932-6203


Tarwacka, J. and Polkowska-Kowalczyk, Lidia and Kolano, B. and Śliwka, J. and Wielgat, Bernard (2013) Interspecific somatic hybrids Solanum villosum (+) S. tuberosum, resistant to Phytophthora infestans. Journal of Plant Physiology, 170 (17). pp. 1541-1548.


Wolińska, Agnieszka and Górniak, Dorota and Zielenkiewicz, Urszula and Goryluk-Salmonowicz, Agata and Kuźniar, Agnieszka and Stępniewska, Zofia and Błaszczyk, Mieczysław (2017) Microbial biodiversity in arable soils is affected by agricultural practices. International Agrophysics, 31 (2). pp. 259-271.

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