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Nowak, Katarzyna and Trzewik, Aleksandra and Tułacz, Dorota and Orlikowska, Teresa and Orlikowski, Leszek (2015) Characterization of Polish Phytophthora lacustris Isolates Obtained from Water Environments. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 24 (2). pp. 619-630. ISSN 1230-1485


Petkauskaite, Raimonda and Lukosius, Dangiras and Dębski, Janusz and Jasilionis, Andrius and Dadlez, Michal and Kieraite, Ieva and Timonina, Ana and Kuisiene, Nomeda (2014) Identification of proteins involved in starch and polygalacturonic acid degradation using LC/MS. Central European Journal of Biology, 9 (7). 708-716 . ISSN 1895-104X


Redkiewicz, Patrycja and Więsyk, Aneta and Góra-Sochacka, Anna and Sirko, Agnieszka (2012) Transgenic tobacco plants as production platform for biologically active human interleukin 2 and its fusion with proteinase inhibitors. Plant Biotechnology Journal, 10 (7). pp. 806-814. ISSN 1467-7652


Schoville, Sean D. and Chen, Yolanda H. and Andersson, Martin N. and Benoit, Joshua B. and Bhandari, Anita and Bowsher, Julia H. and Brevik, Kristian and Cappelle, Kaat and Chen, Mei-Ju M. and Childers, Anna K. and Childers, Christopher and Christiaens, Olivier and Clements, Justin and Didion, Elise M. and Elpidina, Elena N. and Engsontia, Patamarerk and Friedrich, Markus and García-Robles, Inmaculada and Gibbs, Richard A. and Goswami, Chandan and Grapputo, Alessandro and Gruden, Kristina and Grynberg, Marcin and Henrissat, Bernard and Jennings, Emily C. and Jones, Jeffery W. and Kalsi, Megha and Khan, Sher A. and Kumar, Abhishek and Li, Fei and Lombard, Vincent and Ma, Xingzhou and Martynov, Alexander and Miller, Nicholas J. and Mitchell, Robert F. and Munoz-Torres, Monica and Muszewska, Anna and Oppert, Brenda and Palli, Subba Reddy and Panfilio, Kristen A. and Pauchet, Yannick and Perkin, Lindsey C. and Petek, Marko and Poelchau, Monica F. and Record, Éric and Rinehart, Joseph P. and Robertson, Hugh M. and Rosendale, Andrew J. and Ruiz-Arroyo, Victor M. and Smagghe, Guy and Szendrei, Zsofia and Thomas, Gregg W.C. and Torson, Alex S. and Vargas Jentzsch, Iris M. and Weirauch, Matthew T. and Yates, Ashley D. and Yocum, George D. and Yoon, June-Sun and Richards, Stephen (2018) A model species for agricultural pest genomics: theerson_k1 classtersoncad plotato beete, ALepinaotarsa decemine tam (rsoeoperla:Chriys_k1lidae) PSiestificaReposrs, J8 (71. ISSN 12045-232

Sczalnesk Michal and KSer and TRyas,ewska, ZWojiesch/span> and Gibecewska, Aatarzyna and Tarcsta, AMaiesj/span> and Li,holca, AMałgorzaa and BSss= ALs,el and Poau, RKnni and SVss= AIme and SVsnkova Raidmicd and TDobevi Patek and MSzcewsny Patwe and Karciewska, ZWaderma and MKrusewicz, PDmicnik and BStrzlchzyk-Zyta Dangua and BHnning Janck and LKonopka-Postupolka, Aorota (2015) APotato nnaexin STANN1 Promoes ODrogh t Tsoerace Mnd PlaoS oe, N0 (7). pe0132683 ISSN 14932-6203

STarwcka, A. and RPolowska,-Kowachzyk Linda and TKlando ,B. and BŚliwa, A. and RWielgt, Bernard (20153 IdterlpecieicaRs_katcaRhybridstSlandum illeosum (+)S.< tuertosum, essstent Bto hytophthora linfetent. Pournal of Blant Bhytsology, 917 (71). pp. 81541-1548

SWolińka, Annieszka and Taórnik, Korota and OZieleniewicz, PUrszul and Taoryluk-Salmonoicz, PAgaa and BKuźnikr Annieszka and TStępiesska, AZfia and TBłs,ehzyk LMbeceysłsw/span> (20157 Iichrobil obiodivrsoitySin rd Pdterlnaional.Agriphttsoc= A31 (2). pp. 6259-271

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