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Bernatowicz, Piotr and Ruszczyńska-Bartnik, Katarzyna and Ejchart, Andrzej and Dodziuk, Helena and Kaczorowska, Ewa and Ueda, Haruhisa (2010) Carbon-13 NMR Relaxation Study of the Internal Dynamics in Cyclodextrins in Isotropic Solution. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 114 (1). pp. 59-65.

Brooks, MA and Gewartowski, Kamil and Mitsiki, E and Létoquart, J and Pache, RA and Billier, Y and Bertero, M and Corréa, M and Czarnocki-Cieciura, Mariusz and Dadlez, Michal and Henriot, V and Lazar, N and Delbos, L and Lebert, D and Piwowarski, Jan and Rochaix, P and Böttcher, B and Serrano, L and Séraphin, Bertrand and van Tilbeurgh, H and Aloy, P and Perrakis, A and Dziembowski, Andrzej (2010) Systematic bioinformatics and experimental validation of yeast complexes reduces the rate of attrition during structural investigations. STRUCTURE, 18 (9). pp. 1075-1082. ISSN X


Chlebowski, Aleksander and Tomecki, Rafał and Gas López, Maria Eugenia and Séraphin, Bertrand and Dziembowski, Andrzej (2010) CATALYTIC PROPERTIES OF THE EUKARYOTIC EXOSOME. In: RNA exosome. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (702). Landes Bioscience and Springer Science+Business Media. ISBN 978-1-4419-7840-0

Chwedorzewska, Katarzyna J. and Korczak, Małgorzata and Bednarek, Piotr T. and Markowska-Potocka, Marta (2010) Low genetic differentiation between two morphotypes of the gastropod <i>Nacella concinna</i> from Admiralty Bay, Antarctica. Polish Polar Research, 31 (2). pp. 195-200. ISSN 0138-0338

Clark, Greg and Konopka-Postupolska, Dorota and Hennig, Jacek and Roux, Stanley (2010) Is annexin 1 a multifunctional protein during stress responses? Plant Signaling and Behavior, 5 (3). pp. 1-5.

Czerska, Kamila and Sobczynska-Tomaszewska, A and Sands, Dorota and Nowakowska, A and Bak, D and Wertheim, K and Poznański, Jarosław and Zielenski, J and Norek, A and Bal, Jerzy (2010) Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase genes COX1 and COX2 - novel modifiers of disease severity in cystic fibrosis patients. Journal of applied genetics, 51 (3). pp. 323-30. ISSN 2190-3883


Dobrowolska, Grażyna (2010) Regulation of Nicotiana tabacum osmotic stress-activated protein kinase and its cellular partner GAPDH by nitric oxide in response to salinity. Biochemical Journal, 429 . pp. 73-83.


Gajda, A and Towpik, Joanna and Boguta, Magdalena (2010) Full Repression of RNA Polymerase III Transcription Requires Interaction between Two Domains of Its Negative Regulator Maf1. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285 (46). pp. 35719-35727.

Glinkowska, Monika and Łoś, Joanna and Szambowska, Anna and Czyż, Agata and Całkiewicz, Joanna and Herman-Antosiewicz, Anna and Wróbel, Borys and Węgrzyn, Grzegorz and Węgrzyn, Alicja and Łoś, Marcin (2010) Infuence of the Escherichia coli oxyR gene function on lambda prophage maintenance. Archives of Microbiology, 192 . pp. 673-683.

Gromadka, Robert (2010) Application of next-generation sequencing method to decode potato genome/Wykorzystanie sekwencjonowania nowej generacji do poznania genomu ziemniaka. Biotechnologia, 4 (91). pp. 69-75. ISSN 0860-7796

Grynkiewicz, Grzegorz and Hennig, Jacek (2010) Związki naturalne w farmacji i medycynie. Kwas salicylowy i fenolokwasy. Natural products in pharmacy and medicine. Salicylic acid and related phenolic acids. Standardy medyczne/pediatria, 7 (1). pp. 10-16.


Janecki, Tomasz and Kidawa, Anna and Potocka, Marta (2010) The effects of temperature and salinity on vital biological functions of the Antarctic crustacean Serolis polita. Polar Biology, 33 (8). pp. 1013-1020. ISSN 0722-4060

Jaremko, Mariusz and Jaremko, Łukasz and Lisowski, Marek and Makowski, M (2010) Effect of the ΔPhe residue configuration on a didehydropeptides conformation: A combined CD and NMR study. Effect of the ΔPhe residue configuration on a didehydropeptides conformation: A combined CD and NMR study .

Jaremko, Łukasz and Jaremko, Mariusz and Giachin, G and Legname, G (2010) NMR structure of the human prion protein with the pathological Q212P mutation reveals unique structural features. NMR structure of the human prion protein with the pathological Q212P mutation reveals unique structural features. .


Kaczanowski, Szymon and Zielenkiewicz, Piotr (2010) Why similar protein sequences encode similar three-dimensional structures? Theoretical Chemical Account .

Kaczka, Piotr and Polkowska-Nowakowska, Agnieszka and Bolewska, Krystyna and Zhukov, Igor and Poznański, Jarosław and Wierzchowski, Kazimierz L (2010) Backbone dynamics of TFE-induced native-like fold of region 4 of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase sigma70 subunit. Proteins, 78 (3). pp. 754-68. ISSN 1097-0134

Kamieńska-Trela, Krystyna and Wójcik, Jacek (2010) Applications of spin–spin couplings. Other. Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Science Park, Milton.

Kidawa, Anna and Potocka, Marta and Janecki, Tomasz (2010) The effects of temperature on the behaviour of the Antarctic sea star Odontaster validus. Polish Polar Research, 31 (3). pp. 273-284. ISSN 0138-0338

Kopera, Edyta and Krezel, Artur and Protas, Anna Maria and Belczyk, Agnieszka and Bonna, Arkadiusz and Wysłouch-Cieszyńska, Aleksandra and Poznański, Jarosław and Bal, Wojciech (2010) Sequence-specific Ni(II)-dependent peptide bond hydrolysis for protein engineering: reaction conditions and molecular mechanism. Inorganic chemistry, 49 (14). pp. 6636-45. ISSN 1520-510X

Krezel, Artur and Kopera, Edyta and Protas, Anna Maria and Poznański, Jarosław and Wysłouch-Cieszyńska, Aleksandra and Bal, Wojciech (2010) Sequence-specific Ni(II)-dependent peptide bond hydrolysis for protein engineering. Combinatorial library determination of optimal sequences. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132 (10). pp. 3355-66. ISSN 1520-5126

Kurowska, Ewa and Bal, Wojciech (2010) Recent Advances in Molecular Toxicology of Cadmium and Nickel. In: Advances in Molecular Toxicology. Elsevier, pp. 85-126. ISBN 1872-0854


Langie, Sabine A S and Kowalczyk, Paweł and Tudek, Barbara and Zabielski, Romuald and Dziaman, Tomasz and Oliński, Ryszard and van Schooten, Frederik J and Godschalk, Roger W L (2010) The effect of oxidative stress on nucleotide-excision repair in colon tissue of newborn piglets. Mutation research, 695 (1-2). pp. 75-80. ISSN 0027-5107

Lewandowska, Małgorzata and Wawrzyńska, Anna and Moniuszko, Grzegorz and Łukomska, Jolanta and Zientara, Katarzyna and Piecho, Marta and Hodurek, Paweł and Zhukov, Igor and Liszewska, Frantz and Nikiforova, Victoria and Sirko, Agnieszka (2010) A contribution to identification of novel regulators of plant response to sulfur deficiency: characteristics of a tobacco gene UP9, its protein product and the effects of UP9 silencing. Molecular Plant .

Lipiński, Paweł and Starzyński, Rafał R and Canonne-Hergaux, François and Tudek, Barbara and Oliński, Ryszard and Kowalczyk, Paweł and Dziaman, Tomasz and Thibaudeau, Olivier and Gralak, Mikołaj A and Smuda, Ewa and Woliński, Jarosław and Usińska, Agnieszka and Zabielski, Romuald (2010) Benefits and risks of iron supplementation in anemic neonatal pigs. The American journal of pathology, 177 (3). pp. 1233-43. ISSN 1525-2191


Maciejewska, Agnieszka M. and Ruszel, Karol P. and Nieminuszczy, Jadwiga and Lewicka, Joanna and Sokolowska, Beata and Grzesiuk, Elzbieta and Kusmierek, Jaroslaw T. (2010) Chloroacetaldehyde-induced mutagenesis in Escherichia coli: the role of AlkB protein in repair of 3,N4-ethenocytosine and 3,N4-α-hydroxyethanocytosine. Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis, 684 (1-2). pp. 24-34. ISSN 0027-5107

Malet, Hélène and Topf, Maya and Clare, Daniel K. and Ebert, Judith and Bonneau, Fabien and Basquin, Jerome and Drążkowska, Karolina and Tomecki, Rafał and Dziembowski, Andrzej and Conti, Elena and Saibil, Helen R. and Lorenzten, Esben (2010) RNA channelling by the eukaryotic exosome. EMBO Reports, 11 (12). pp. 936-942.

Melissa, von Dijk and Ben C. L, van Schaijk and Shahid SM, Khan and Maaike W., van Dooren and Jai, Ramesar and Kaczanowski, Szymon and Geert-Jan, van Gemert and Hans, Kroeze and Hendrik G., Stunnenberg and Wijnand M., Eling and Robert W., Sauerwein and Andrew P., Waters and Janse, Chris J. (2010) Three Members of the 6-cys Protein Family of Plasmodium Play a Role in Gamete Fertility. Plos Pathogens .

Miazga, Agnieszka and Ziemkowski, Przemysław and Siwecka, Maria and Lipniacki, Andrzej and Piasek, Andrzej and Kulikowski, Tadeusz (2010) SYNTHESIS, BIOLOGICAL PROPERTIES AND ANTI-HIV-1 ACTIVITY OF NEW PYRIMIDINE P1,P2-DINUCLEOTIDES. Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids, 29 . pp. 438-444.


Nadratowska-Wesołowska, Beata and Słomińska-Wojewódzka, Monika and Łyżeń, Robert and Węgrzyn, Alicja and Szalewska-Pałasz, Agnieszka and Węgrzyn, Grzegorz (2010) Transcription regulation of the Escherichia coli pcnB gene coding for poly(A) polymerase I: roles of ppGpp, DksA and sigma factors. Molecular Genetics and Genomics, 284 . pp. 289-305.


Obtułowicz, Tomasz and Swoboda, Maja and Speina, Elzbieta and Gackowski, Daniel and Rozalski, Rafał and Siomek, Agnieszka and Janik, Justyna and Janowska, Beata and Cieśla, Jarosław M. and Jawien, Arkadiusz and Banaszkiewicz, Zbigniew and Guz, Jolanta and Dziaman, Tomasz and Szpila, Anna and Oliński, Ryszard and Tudek, Barbara (2010) Oxidative stress and 8-oxoguanine repair are enhanced in colon adenoma and carcinoma patients. Mutagenesis, 25 (5). pp. 463-71. ISSN 1464-3804

Obtułowicz, Tomasz and Winczura, Alicja and Speina, Elzbieta and Swoboda, Maja and Janik, Justyna and Janowska, Beata and Cieśla, Jarosław M. and Kowalczyk, Paweł and Jawien, Arkadiusz and Gackowski, Daniel and Banaszkiewicz, Zbigniew and Krasnodebski, Ireneusz and Chaber, Andrzej and Oliński, Ryszard and Nair, Jagadesaan and Bartsch, Helmut and Douki, Thierry and Cadet, Jean and Tudek, Barbara (2010) Aberrant repair of etheno-DNA adducts in leukocytes and colon tissue of colon cancer patients. Free radical biology & medicine, 49 (6). pp. 1064-71. ISSN 1873-4596


Pawłowski, Krzysztof and Muszewska, Anna and Lenart, Anna and Szczepińska, Teresa and Godzik, Adam and Grynberg, Marcin (2010) A widespread peroxiredoxin-like domain present in tumor suppression- and progression-implicated proteins. BMC genomics, 11 . p. 590. ISSN 1471-2164

Piekarska, Iga and Kucharczyk, Roza and Mickowska, Barbara and Rytka, Joanna and Rempola, Bozenna (2010) Mutants of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae VPS genes CCZ1 and YPT7 are blocked in different stages of sporulation. European journal of cell biology, 89 (11). pp. 780-7. ISSN 1618-1298

Piekarska, Iga and Rytka, Joanna and Rempola, Bozenna (2010) Regulation of sporulation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Acta biochimica Polonica, 57 (3). pp. 241-50. ISSN 1734-154X

Piela, Piotr and Michałowski, Tadeusz and Miltko, Renata and Szewczyk, Krzysztof W. and Sikora, Radosław and Grzesiuk, Elzbieta and Sikora, Anna (2010) Can a fermentation gas mainly produced by rumen Isotrichidae ciliates be a potential source of biohydrogen and a fuel for a chemical fuel cell? Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 20 (7). pp. 1092-1100. ISSN ISSN: 1017-7825


Rózga, Małgorzata and Kłoniecki, Marcin and Dadlez, Michal and Bal, Wojciech (2010) A direct determination of the dissociation constant for the Cu(II) complex of amyloid beta 1-40 peptide. Chemical research in toxicology, 23 (2). pp. 336-40. ISSN 1520-5010


Sikora, Anna and Grzesiuk, Elzbieta (2010) Reversion of argE3 to Arg+ in Escherichia coli AB1157 – an informative bacterial system for mutation detection. Acta Biochimica Polonica, 57 (4). pp. 479-485.

Sikora, Anna and Mielecki, Damian and Chojnacka, Aleksandra and Nieminuszczy, Jadwiga and Wrzesiński, Michał and Grzesiuk, Elzbieta (2010) Lethal and mutagenic properties of MMS-generated DNA lesions in Escherichia coli cells deficient in BER and AlkB-directed DNA repair. Mutagenesis, 25 (2). pp. 139-47. ISSN 1464-3804

Siwiak, Marlena and Zielenkiewicz, Piotr (2010) A Comprehensive, Quantitative, and Genome-Wide Model of Translation. Plos Computational Biology, 6 (7).

Sobieściak, Tomasz D. and Zielenkiewicz, Piotr (2010) Double Selective Synthetic Approach to the N-Functionalized 1,4,7-Triazacyclononane Derivatives: Chelating Compounds for Controllable Protein Orientation. The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 75 (6). pp. 2069-2072.

Speina, Elzbieta and Dawut, Lale and Hedayati, Mohammad and Wang, Zhengming and May, Alfred and Schwendener, Sybille and Janscak, Pavel and Croteau, Deborah L and Bohr, Vilhelm A (2010) Human RECQL5beta stimulates flap endonuclease 1. Nucleic acids research, 38 (9). pp. 2904-16. ISSN 1362-4962

Sromek, M and Czerwetyńska, M and Skasko, E and Zielińska, J and Czapczak, D and Steffen, J (2010) The Frequency of Selected Polymorphic Variants of the RET Gene in Patients with Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma and in the General Population of Central Poland. ENDOCRINE PATHOLOGY, 21 (3). pp. 178-185. ISSN 1046-3976 (Print) 1559-0097 (Online)

Swiezewska, Ewa (2010) SRD5A3 is required for converting polyprenol to dolichol and is mutated in a congenital glycosylation disorder. Cell, 142 (2). pp. 203-217.


Tomecki, Rafał and Drążkowska, Karolina and Dziembowski, Andrzej (2010) Mechanisms of RNA Degradation by the Eukaryotic Exosome. Chembiochem, 11 (7). pp. 938-945.

Tomecki, Rafał and Dziembowski, Andrzej (2010) Novel endoribonucleases as central players in various pathways of eukaryotic RNA metabolism. RNA, 16 (9). pp. 1692-1724.

Tomecki, Rafał and Kristiansen, Maiken S. and Lykke-Andersen, Søren and Chlebowski, Aleksander and Larsen, Katja M. and Szczęsny, Roman J. and Drążkowska, Karolina and Pastuła, Agnieszka and Andersen, Jens S. and Stępień, Piotr P. and Dziembowski, Andrzej and Jensen, Torben H. (2010) The human core exosome interacts with differentially localized processive RNases: hDIS3 and hDIS3L. EMBO Journal, 29 (14). pp. 2342-2357.

Trzemecka, Anna and Jacewicz, Agata and Carver, Geraldine T and Drake, John W. and Bebenek, Anna (2010) Reversal of a mutator activity by a nearby fidelity-neutral substitution in the RB69 DNA polymerase binding pocket. Journal of Molecular Biology, 404 (5). pp. 778-793.

Tudek, Barbara and Winczura, Alicja and Janik, Justyna and Siomek, Agnieszka and Foksinski, Marek and Oliński, Ryszard (2010) Involvement of oxidatively damaged DNA and repair in cancer development and aging. American Journal of Translational Research, 2 (3). pp. 254-284.


Wawrzyńska, Anna and Lewandowska, Małgorzata and Sirko, Agnieszka (2010) Nicotiana tabacum EIL2 directly regulates expression of at least one tobacco gene induced by suphur starvation. Journal of Experimental Botany, 61 (3). pp. 889-900.

Wińska, Patrycja and Miazga, Agnieszka and Poznański, Jarosław and Kulikowski, Tadeusz (2010) Partial selective inhibition of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and human DNA polymerases gamma and beta by thiated 3'-fluorothymidine analogue 5'-triphosphates. Antiviral Research, 88 (2). pp. 176-181.

Wrzesiński, Michał and Nieminuszczy, Jadwiga and Sikora, Anna and Mielecki, Damian and Chojnacka, Aleksandra and Kozłowski, Marek and Krwawicz, Joanna and Grzesiuk, Elzbieta (2010) Contribution of transcription-coupled DNA repair to MMS-induced mutagenesis in E. coli strains deficient in functional AlkB protein. Mutation research, 688 (1-2). pp. 19-27. ISSN 0027-5107

Wąsik, Romualda and Łebska, Maja and Felczak, Krzysztof and Poznański, Jarosław and Shugar, David (2010) Relative role of halogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions in inhibition of human protein kinase CK2alpha by tetrabromobenzotriazole and some C(5)-substituted analogues. The journal of physical chemistry. B, 114 (32). pp. 10601-11. ISSN 1520-5207

Węgrzyn, Grzegorz and Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka, Joanna and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena and Piotrowska, Ewa and Narajczyk, Magdalena and Kloska, Anna and Malinowska, Marcelina and Dziedzic, Dariusz and Gołębiewska, Izabela and Moskot, Marta and Węgrzyn, Alicja (2010) Genistein: a natural isoflavone with a potential for treatment of genetic diseases. Transactions, 38 . pp. 695-701.

Węgrzyn, Grzegorz and Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka, Joanna and Narajczyk, Magdalena and Wiśniewiski, Andrzej and Piotrowska, Ewa and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena and Kloska, Anna and Słomińska-Wojewódzka, Monika and Korzon-Burakowska, Anna and Węgrzyn, Alicja (2010) Why are behaviors of children suffering from various neuronopathic types of mucopolysaccharidoses different? Medical Hypotheses, 75 . pp. 605-609.


Łebska, Maja and Ciesielski, Arkadiusz and Szymona, Lidia and Godecka, Luiza and Lewandowska-Gnatowska, Elżbieta and Szczegielniak, Jadwiga and Muszyńska, Grażyna (2010) Phosphorylation of maize eif5a by ck2: identification of phosphorylated residue and influence on intracellular localization of eif5a. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285 (9). pp. 6217-6226.

Łoś, Joanna and Łoś, Marcin and Węgrzyn, Alicja and Węgrzyn, Grzegorz (2010) Hydrogen peroxide-mediated induction of the Shiga toxinconverting lambdoid prophage ST2-8624 in Escherichia coli O157:H7. FEMS Immunologu and Medical Microbiology, 58 . pp. 322-329.

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