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Bakun, Magda and Karczmarski, Jakub and Poznański, Jarosław and Rubel, Tymon and Rózga, Małgorzata and Malinowska, Agata and Sands, Dorota and Hennig, Ewa E. and Oledzki, Janusz and Ostrowski, Jerzy and Dadlez, Michal (2009) An integrated LC-ESI-MS platform for quantitation of serum peptide ladders. Application for colon carcinoma study. Proteomics. Clinical applications, 3 (8). pp. 932-46. ISSN 1862-8354

Bakun, Magda and Senatorski, Grzegorz and Rubel, Tymon and Lukasik, Anna and Dadlez, Michal and Paczek, Leszek (2014) Urine proteomes of healthy aging humans reveal extracellular matrix (ECM) alterations and immune system dysfunction. AGE, 36 (1). pp. 299-311. ISSN 0161-9152

Balcerak, Anna and Szafron, Laura Aleksandra and Rubel, Tymon and Świderska, Bianka and Bonna, Arkadiusz M. and Konarzewska, Magdalena and Sołtyszewski, Ireneusz and Kupryjanczyk, Jolanta and Szafron, Lukasz Michal (2024) A Multi-Faceted Analysis Showing CRNDE Transcripts and a Recently Confirmed Micropeptide as Important Players in Ovarian Carcinogenesis. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 25 (8). p. 4381. ISSN 1422-0067

Baranowska, Emilia and Rytka, Joanna and Kucharczyk, Roza (2018) Molekularne podłoże chorób spowodowanych mutacjami w genach kodujących podjednostki syntazy ATP. Postępy Biochemii, 64 (4). pp. 304-317. ISSN 0032-5422

Bielecka, Zofia and Malinowska, Agata and Brodaczewska, Klaudia and Klemba, Aleksandra and Kieda, Claudine and Krasowski, Paweł and Grzesiuk, Elzbieta and Piwowarski, Jan and Czarnecka, Anna and Szczylik, Cezary (2017) Hypoxic 3D in vitro culture models reveal distinct resistance processes to TKIs in renal cancer cells. Cell & Bioscience, 7 . p. 71.

Bocheńska, Katarzyna and Moskot, Marta and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena (2021) Use of cytokine mix-, imiquimod-, and serum-induced monoculture and lipopolysaccharide- and interferon gamma-treated co-culture to establish in vitro psoriasis-like inflammation models. Cells . ISSN 2073-4409

Bocheńska, Katarzyna and Moskot, Marta and Smolińska-Fijołek, Elwira and Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka, Joanna and Szczerkowska-Dobosz, Aneta and Słomiński, Bartosz and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena (2021) Impact of isoflavone genistein on psoriasis in in vivo and in vitro investigations. Scientific Reports . ISSN 2045-2322

Bocheńska, Katarzyna and Smolińska, Elwira and Moskot, Marta and Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka, Joanna and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena (2017) Models in the research process of psoriasis. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 18 (12).

Brun-Olszewska, Bożena and Korzon-Burakowska, Anna and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena and Olszewski, Paweł and Węgrzyn, Alicja and Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka, Joanna (2012) Molecular factors involved in the development of diabetic foot syndrome. Acta Biochimica Polonica, 59 . pp. 507-513.


Chabior, Aleksandra and Gąsecka, Aleksandra and Marchel, Michal and Gozdowska, Roksana and Makowska, Agnieszka and Maciak, Karolina and Gora, Monika and Filipiak, Krzysztof J and Burzynska, Beata and Opolski, Grzegorz (2021) Expression of versican mRNA transcript to predict cardiac remodelling after myocardial infarction. Kardiologia Polska .

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Charzewska, Agnieszka and Maiwald, R. and Kahrizi, K. and Oehl-Jaschkowitz, B. and Dufke, A. and Lemke, J.R. and Enders, H. and Najmabadi, H. and Tzschach, A. and Hachmann, W. and Jensen, C. and Bienek, M. and Poznański, Jarosław and Nawara, Magdalena and Chilarska, T. and Obersztyn, Ewa and Hoffman-Zacharska, Dorota and Gos, Monika and Bal, Jerzy and Kalscheuer, V.M. (2018) The power of the Mediator complex-Expanding the genetic architecture and phenotypic spectrum of MED12 -related disorders. Clinical Genetics, 94 (5). pp. 450-456. ISSN 00099163

Czarnecka, Anna and Aleksandrowicz, Marta and Jasiński, Krzysztof and Jazwiec, Radoslaw and Kalita, Katarzyna and Hilgier, Wojciech and Zielińska, Magdalena (2018) Cerebrovascular reactivity and cerebral perfusion of rats with acute liver failure: role of L-glutamine and asymmetric dimethylarginine in L-arginine-induced response. Journal of Neurochemistry, 147 (5). pp. 692-704. ISSN 00223042

Czerska, Kamila and Sobczynska-Tomaszewska, A and Sands, Dorota and Nowakowska, A and Bak, D and Wertheim, K and Poznański, Jarosław and Zielenski, J and Norek, A and Bal, Jerzy (2010) Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase genes COX1 and COX2 - novel modifiers of disease severity in cystic fibrosis patients. Journal of applied genetics, 51 (3). pp. 323-30. ISSN 2190-3883


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Drapala, Adrian and Szudzik, Mateusz and Chabowski, Dawid and Mogilnicka, Izabella and Jaworska, Kinga and Kraszewska, Katarzyna and Samborowska, Emilia and Ufnal, Marcin (2020) Heart Failure Disturbs Gut–Blood Barrier and Increases Plasma Trimethylamine, a Toxic Bacterial Metabolite. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21 (17). p. 6161. ISSN 1422-0067


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Gawrys-Kopczynska, Marta and Konop, Marek and Maksymiuk, Klaudia and Kraszewska, Katarzyna and Derzsi, Ladislav and Sozanski, Krzysztof and Holyst, Robert and Pilz, Marta and Samborowska, Emilia and Dobrowolski, Leszek and Jaworska, Kinga and Mogilnicka, Izabella and Ufnal, Marcin (2020) TMAO, a seafood-derived molecule, produces diuresis and reduces mortality in heart failure rats. eLife, 9 . ISSN 2050-084X

Gos, Monika and Fahiminiya, Somayyeh and Poznański, Jarosław and Klapecki, Jakub and Obersztyn, Ewa and Piotrowicz, Małgorzata and Wierzba, Jolanta and Posmyk, Renata and Bal, Jerzy and Majewski, Jacek (2014) Contribution of RIT1 mutations to the pathogenesis of Noonan syndrome: four new cases and further evidence of heterogeneity. American journal of medical genetics. Part A, 164A (9). pp. 2310-2316. ISSN 1552-4833

Grabowski, Michał and Banecki, Bogdan and Kadziński, Leszek and Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka, Joanna and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena and Węgrzyn, Alicja and Węgrzyn, Grzegorz and Banecka-Majkutewicz, Zyta (2016) The model homologue of the partially defective human 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, considered as a risk factor for stroke due to increased homocysteine level, can be protected and reactivated by heat shock proteins. Metabolic Brain Disease, 31 (5). pp. 1041-1045. ISSN 0885-7490

Grabowski, Michał and Banecki, Bogdan and Kadziński, Leszek and Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka, Joanna and Kaźmierkiewicz, Rajmund and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena and Węgrzyn, Grzegorz and Węgrzyn, Alicja and Banecka-Majkutewicz, Zyta (2015) Genistein inhibits activities of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase and lactate dehydrogenase, enzymes which use NADH as a substrate. Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 465 (3). pp. 363-367. ISSN 0006-291X

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Hoffman-Zacharska, Dorota and Kmieć, Tomasz and Poznański, Jarosław and Jurek, Marta and Bal, Jerzy (2013) Mutations in the PLP1 gene residue p. Gly198 as the molecular basis of Pelizeaus-Merzbacher phenotype. Brain & development, 35 (9). pp. 877-880. ISSN 1872-7131

Hoffman-Zacharska, Dorota and Koziorowski, Dariusz and Ross, Owen A and Milewski, Michał and Poznański, Jarosław and Jurek, Marta and Wszolek, Zbigniew K and Soto-Ortolaza, Alexandra and Sławek, Jarosław and Janik, Piotr and Jamrozik, Zygmunt and Potulska-Chromik, Anna and Jasińska-Myga, Barbara and Opala, Grzegorz and Krygowska-Wajs, Anna and Czyżewski, Krzysztof and Dickson, Dennis W and Bal, Jerzy and Friedman, Andrzej (2013) Novel A18T and pA29S substitutions in α-synuclein may be associated with sporadic Parkinson's disease. Parkinsonism & related disorders, 19 (11). pp. 1057-60. ISSN 1873-5126

Hossain, Md Ekhtear and Mogilnicka, Izabella and Jaworska, Kinga and Koper, Mateusz and Maksymiuk, Klaudia and Szudzik, Mateusz and Radkiewicz, Mariusz and Chabowski, Dawid and Ufnal, Marcin (2024) Hypertensive rats show increased renal excretion and decreased tissue concentrations of glycine betaine, a protective osmolyte with diuretic properties. PLOS ONE, 19 (1). e0294926. ISSN 1932-6203

Hryniewiecka, Ewa and Zegarska, Jolanta and Zochowska, Dorota and Samborowska, Emilia and Jazwiec, Radoslaw and Kosieradzki, M. and Nazarewski, S. and Dadlez, Michal and Paczek, Leszek (2018) Cardiovascular Disease in Kidney Transplantation and Its Association With Blood Concentrations of Cyclosporine and Cyclosporine Metabolites. Transplantation Proceedings, 50 (6). pp. 1850-1854. ISSN 00411345

Hryniewiecka, Ewa and Zegarska, Jolanta and Zochowska, Dorota and Samborowska, Emilia and Jazwiec, Radoslaw and Kosieradzki, Maciej and Nazarewski, Slawomir and Dadlez, Michal and Paczek, Leszek (2018) Cyclosporine Metabolites’ Metabolic Ratios May Be Markers of Cardiovascular Disease in Kidney Transplant Recipients Treated with Cyclosporine A-Based Immunosuppression Regimens. Cardiovascular Toxicology . ISSN 1530-7905

Hryniewiecka, Ewa and Żegarska, Jolanta and Żochowska, Dorota and Samborowska, Emilia and Jazwiec, Radoslaw and Kosieradzki, Maciej and Nazarewski, Sławomir and Dadlez, Michal and Paczek, Leszek (2019) Dose-adjusted and dose/kg-adjusted concentrations of mycophenolic acid precursors reflect metabolic ratios of their metabolites in contrast with tacrolimus and cyclosporine. Bioscience Reports, 39 (9). BSR20182031. ISSN 0144-8463

Huc, Tomasz and Drapala, Adrian and Gawrys, Marta and Konop, Marek and Bielinska, Klaudia and Zaorska, Ewelina and Samborowska, Emilia and Wyczalkowska-Tomasik, Aleksandra and Paczek, Leszek and Dadlez, Michal and Ufnal, Marcin (2018) CHRONIC, LOW-DOSE TMAO TREATMENT REDUCES DIASTOLIC DYSFUNCTION AND HEART FIBROSIS IN HYPERTENSIVE RATS. American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology . ISSN 0363-6135


Jagielska, Beata and Sarnowska, E.A. and Rusetska, N. and Jancewicz, I. and Durzynska, Monika and Kubala, Szymon and Chmielik, Ewa and Paul, Piotr and Rutkowski, Tomasz and Sarnowski, T.J. and Siedlecki, J.A. (2018) Advanced adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) is featured by SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex aberrations. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology . ISSN 1432-1335

Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka, Joanna and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena and Banecka-Majkutewicz, Zyta and Banecki, Bogdan and Węgrzyn, Alicja and Węgrzyn, Grzegorz (2013) Factors and processes modulating phenotypes in neuronopathic lysosomal storage diseases. Metabolic Brain Disease, 29 . pp. 1-8.

Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka, Joanna and Piotrowska, Ewa and Gabig-Cimińska, Magdalena and Borysiewicz, Elżbieta and Słomińska-Wojewódzka, Monika and Narajczyk, Magdalena and Węgrzyn, Alicja and Węgrzyn, Grzegorz (2011) Substrate Reduction Therapies for Mucopolysaccharidoses. Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, 12 . pp. 1860-1865.

Jancewicz, I. and Szarkowska, J. and Konopinski, R. and Stachowiak, M. and Swiatek, M. and Blachnio, K. and Kubala, Szymon and Oksińska, Paulina and Cwiek, P. and Rusetska, N. and Tupalska, Agnieszka and Zeber-Lubecka, N. and Grabowska, Ewa and Świderska, Bianka and Malinowska, Agata and Mikula, Michał and Jagielska, Beata and Walewski, J. and Siedlecki, J.A. and Sarnowski, T.J. and Markowicz, S. and Sarnowska, E.A. (2021) PD-L1 Overexpression, SWI/SNF Complex Deregulation, and Profound Transcriptomic Changes Characterize Cancer-Dependent Exhaustion of Persistently Activated CD4+ T Cells. Cancers, 13 (16). p. 4148. ISSN 2072-6694

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Kociszewska-Najman, Bożena and Mazanowska, Natalia and Borek-Dzięcioł, Beata and Paczek, Leszek and Samborowska, Emilia and Szpotańska-Sikorska, Monika and Pietrzak, Bronisława and Dadlez, Michal and Wielgoś, Mirosław (2020) Low Content of Cyclosporine A and Its Metabolites in the Colostrum of Post-Transplant Mothers. Nutrients, 12 (9). p. 2713. ISSN 2072-6643

Konop, Marek and Radkowski, Marek and Grochowska, Marta and Perlejewski, Karol and Samborowska, Emilia and Ufnal, Marcin (2018) Enalapril decreases rat plasma concentration of TMAO, a gut bacteria-derived cardiovascular marker. Biomarkers, 23 (4). pp. 1-6. ISSN 1354-750X

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